What's a Split test, how to use it effectively?
Yeah, You are about to learn one of the most effective ways to increase the performance of your marketing campaigns and ultimately targeting the right customers for boosts in conversions.
You know the target market and cross-selling / upselling products, and the question is "Are you sure that the current upselling product is the right one to give out maximum revenue?"
Do you want to fine-tune the funnel and find out which products give you more sales?
The only way to fine tune the your sales funnel is to split test it!
Trust Me, It's Gold!
A/B Tests is one of the core components of the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) process, which uses quantitative user insights to understand your potential customer and further optimize your funnel based on data.
Pro Tip! A simple color change of the checkout button can bring you a massive difference in conversions! It's already proven.
How would you find which color of checkout button performs better? Simple answer is A/B Tests
I am sure, You will be totally flabbergasted once you see the result of split tests.

What is a split test?

A/B testing is creating two or more versions of the same page and splitting your traffic between them.
Let's say you want to A/B test your funnel on a product page. You might want to set up one upsell widget as pop-up upsell and another as in page upsell, and then measure which one performs better.
Important It's recommended to test only one scenario at a time. We can't get proper results from different scenario split tests. For Example: ❌ Don't create a split test offer with a different copy + offer type version #1 vs another version that has a different copy + offer type #2 in the same widgets ✅ Create a split test with upsell title copy version #1 vs upsell title copy version #2

Mistakes to avoid in split testing

  1. Less number of visitors
    1. — Your store must have a reasonable amount of visitors.
      — Because less audience provides not noise in results, it won't be accurate.
  1. Avoid testing too many test cases
    1. — Testing too many offers makes it difficult to find which factors influenced the success or failure of the test case.
  1. Not measuring the analytics
    1. — You have to analyze the metrics of split tests in a 1 week or 2 week time and take an action based on it.
      — You can remove the underperforming offer in the split test after 14 days of testing time.
  1. Editing split test in the middle of running it
    1. — Editing / Adding new offers to existing split test will lead to inaccurate results.
  1. Running split test too short / too long
    1. — Give split tests time to perform and don't give too much time to underperform.
      — 14 days is the ideal time frame for a split test to give better results.
      — Split testing more than 2 - 3 months is too long and likely to under perform.

Different Split Test Strategies

There are many strategies for split testing you can try!
  • You can try different offer title copies — Don't underestimate it, try it & see yourself! 😉
Create split test

Create Split test Quickly with widget copy

  • Click on Copy Widget > Copy As New Split Test To > Current Page
Create split test from widget copy
Create split test from widget copy feature in upsell funnel engine

Give some time for split tests to run!

  • It's recommended to give at least 7 days to run split test or at least 1000 impressions to get the results
  • If you give more time for split tests to run, will get better results.

How to analyse performance?

  • Click View Analytics on the funnel
View analytics in Upsell Funnel Engine
  • Check the numbers there, see the revenue and conversions
  • We can clearly see that split test #A performs better
Analytics of split test in Upsell Funnel Engine

What's next?

  • You can run split test another 7 days - 14 days to get better results.
  • If you still see massive rejection in a split test, it's doesn't make sense to keep it live.
  • Edit Funnel and remove the losing split test Split test #B

A/B testing takes time and traffic, But trust me it's worth it!

A split test takes more time, like a week or a month maybe and a considerable amount of traffic to gather enough data to extract meaningful information from it.
Still, the payoff will ultimately worth it. Using data, you should be able to increase your sales and conversions.
Hope you've got some value from this article. Let us know your feedback 🙂 We are excited to hear your thoughts.
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