Shopify Multi-currency and Automatic discounts support?
Important It's recommended to use BUCKS: Currency Converter Shopify App for 100% compatibility with the upsell funnels.

#1: Do you support Multi-currency?

No and Yes!
Scroll down a little to see the workaround to support Multi-currency in UFE.

We don't support

Unfortunately, UFE doesn't support Shopify Payments Multi-Currency if the upsell/cross-sell product has a discount because of Shopify Draft Order Limitation at the moment.
The BUCKS Currency converter will convert prices in all pages expect checkout page if you've given discount to the upsell offer in UFE.
Shopify Official documentation on limitations of draft order
Note UFE app don't use Draft Order if the upsell product is set to no discount, so all the limitations of draft order will be removed, so Multi-Currency automatically works :)
This means we do not support Shopify Payments Multi-Currencies if you created a discounted offer widget!

But we do support!

We do support Shopify multi-currency, If you create an offer widget with No Discount
So the workaround is not to use discounts (remove discounts) for the upsell or cross-sell offers created in UFE.
  • Edit Funnel and change the discount to No Discount
Change upsell offer discount to no discount
Quick Info! All these limitations are directly dependent on the Shopify Draft Order, we use it for applying discounts for the offer. Here is an important article about this: How to use coupon / Shopify automatic discounts with UFE? Limitations of Shopify Draft Order

#2: Do you support Shopify Automatic discounts?

Yes and No!
Shopify Automatic Discounts will not work with widgets created with discounted offer.
As per Shopify rules, we can't use more than one coupon code for the same order. So we can't support it directly.

But, Wait..! It will work!

Good news is we have a workaround for you 🎉
If you create an offer widget with No Discount, it will support Shopify Automatic Discounts.
Check out this detailed article on how to use the workaround to allow coupon codes. — Same workaround can be applied to Shopify Automatic Discounts along with UFE 🙂

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