Multiple upsell apps and theme support?

#1: Do you support Multiple Upsell Apps?

Simple Answer: Unfortunately multiple upsell apps might not work together.
You must not use other upsell / cross-sell apps along with the UFE app, it might cause discounts applying conflict.
Most of the upsell or cross-sell type apps using the same method to apply discounts to the products, so for sure either one of the apps gets control to apply discounts.

What's the solution?

There are 2 possible solutions for this problem.

Solution 1: Uninstall other upsell apps

You need to uninstall the other upsell apps in order to work the Upsell Funnel Engine flawlessly.
Note: Our aim is to increase the AOV (Average Order Value) and the total revenue of your store. You don't need 100s of upsell apps to generate extra upsell revenue.

Solution 2: Create no discount offers

Note: This method may not work with all apps. So do it with your own trial and error method. We do not guarantee the result of how it works, so test the widgets created properly before going live — How to test the widget before publishing?
The logic here is creating the offer widget in UFE with 'No Discount', so our app doesn't use Shopify draft order API and redirects to the discount applied checkout page.

Example of the method

Let's say you want to use 'XYZ' upsell app in cart page and you want to display UFE upsell on product page.
  • Save the funnel.
Once you published the funnel, on the product page of the trigger product our upsell popup shows and after accepting the offer our app redirects the customer to the cart page, there you can show the other upsell app offer and the checkout will be controlled by another app.

#2: Does UFE support my theme?

Simple Answer: Yes and No!
Yes, Our Upsell Funnel Engine app is designed to work on most of the themes. Because it all depends on how the theme developer creates the theme.
Some developer tries to optimise the theme again by prefetching the content before going to a page, in that case our app will not work on that theme / page.
For example: If you are browsing the collection page, some themes fetch all the product details of the products displayed on that page and when we click on a product from the collection page, it displays the product page instantly.
In those cases, our app will not work on the product page, you can contact the theme developer to turn off this feature from the theme.
If you've got any issues, please do let us know via chat inside the app, we will sort it out as soon as possible.

Hope you've got some value from this article. Let us know your feedback 🙂 We are excited to hear your thoughts.
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