McDonald's convince strategy #2
Convince the customer they "need your product"! This is the logic behind this strategy!
Every brands doing this as their secret ingredient in marketing.
You have to pay for ads to convince them like,
  • There is a brand like this "ABC"
  • And we have a product like this "XXX"
  • We helps solve peoples "XYZ" pain point and change their lives
    • You can sell anything if your product can
        1. Save people's time
        1. Solve people's pain point
        1. Help people to save money
        1. Help people to earn more money
  • Here are the reviews of people who used our product
  • Here are our other products that people used along with our main products ā€” cross-selling
  • Many people are also buying our latest version 2.0 of the current product which has massive improvements over version 1.0 with only $50 dollars price difference ā€” upselling
Prerequisite ā€” You should have knowledge about creating widgets šŸŸCreate a Simple Discounted Cross-sell Offer?
Let's discuss the strategy!
Strategy Logic: Convince the customer to buy an expensive product! The customer is coming to buy "Product X costs $19.99" and we are trying to convince the customer to buy an upgradable version "Product Y at $29.99" Tip: If it's a flagship upgradable product then you can price them even higher! Because there is a segment of people who exist to grab those! ā€” Just think of the launching of the iPhone new model and the rush of their stores
Here is the similar strategy you can refer Discounted upsell strategy #1

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