Create BOGO (Buy X Get Y)?
Simple answer: Add a normal upsell on the product page with X as the trigger product and Y with 100% off. That it!.

Let's check with an example

You want to give a case free for an iphone 11 purchase.
Detailed Step by step guide.
Step 1: Create a new funnel select iphone 11 as trigger product.
Step 2: Click Add widget by selecting product page ( product page is pre-selected here )
Step 3: In the add widget menu select widget type - Normal Upsell , widget-style - Popup
Click Continue.
Create widget
Quick Info! Here we are using pop up style widgets. you can choose the one that suits you. to know more, check out this article. Everything about Popup vs in-page vs Floating
Step 4: Click Translation in newly created widget, to edit upsell title and button texts
Step 5: Change upsell title to 'Buy iPhone 11 now and get a case FREE'( or to any text you want 😊 )
Step 6: Change add to checkout button text to 'Claim & Checkout' and Save.
Update upsell texts
Step 7: Select upsell product as the case and set discount to 100%, Save & Publish .

Lets see the funnel in action

Funnel display on store
Quick Info! You can also try split-test to find out which of your offer performs better. you can try more split test strategies here. Test with aggressive copy #1
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