Why UFE?
Upsell Funnel Engine — We've Built For Brands!
While bootstrapping the idea of Upsell Funnel Engine, my co-founder and I have only one mission in our mind.
"An all-in-one upsell app solution for merchants"

Freedom + Clean Design + Positive ROI = UFE!

Freedom! — Freedom to create any type of offer — Freedom to place the offer on any page — Freedom to place the offer on any position on the page!
Let me quote Thomas John Watson Jr. words
Good Design is Good Business — Watson Jr., Former Chief Executive, IBM
According to Adobe, companies with a strong design outperform companies with a weak design by 219% on the S&P Index (US stock market index) over the span of 10 years.
Design! — Clean design offers built for brands — Strong UX backtested design — Gamification enabled designs
For any business, let's talk about realistic serious e-commerce businesses! What we have to look is for a positive ROI.
Consider 2 merchants,
  1. One is using UFE and generating $50638.30 a month by paying $89.99 per month (56271% ROI)
  1. Another merchant using some other awesome upsell app and generating $5000 by paying $19.99 per month (25012% ROI)
Both Return on investment are positive, but which merchant is more wise and generating more profits?
Positive Return On Investment! — Built to suit for beginners and Big Brands! — $0 per month for beginners! — Positive ROI guaranteed

Don't make mistakes!

Rome wasn't built in a day but Hiroshima was destroyed in a day!
Be patient to get results!
If you install app today and expecting results tomorrow, then it's not gonna work!
Give at least a month to try different offers and fine-tune the better performing offers and you will be flabbergasted with the results!
Image Credit: Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels
Always look for the results / value you are getting, instead of looking at what you paying for a service!
If something is expensive, it's expensive for a reason! Also, keep in mind, "Nothing is FREE in this world" if something is FREE then "it's FREE for a reason!".

Realistic ROI of our merchants!

Over expectation kills our motivation if our expectation goes wrong, so let me pull out some realistic ROI of our merchants generating extra revenues.
Brands are getting around 2000% - 67000% ROI Merchants who are paying $29.99 per month are getting around $5000 - $27,497 per month
Dropshipping Stores are getting around 1000% - 36000% ROI Merchants who are paying $19.99 per month are getting around $1000 - $9000 per month from the app
Note: These are the approximate figures (extra revenues) generated by our merchants from different niches!
Realistic Fun Fact! Merchants are making even more than $120k in a month by paying $39.99 per month. And also there are novice merchants making $0 per month by paying $0 per month 🙂
At the end of the day what we have to look is for a positive ROI (Return on Investment) — If you are paying $10 then you must at least aim to get a value of $11

How UFE born?

We run our own e-commerce businesses and we used to combine bundle offers, volume discount offers and discounted cross-sell offers for different products in our store 2 years back.
But things didn't go well, because we have to use 3 different apps for this purpose, but the main problem is Shopify upselling apps are not designed to work together, so that caused many problems in our store.
That's the moment where idea of UFE was born!
We've built a tool for merchants to create offers either it's a simple offer or complex logic funnel offers for ease.


  • Highly optimized, compressed, and ultra-lightweight script — which is ~700% smaller than other similar apps.
  • Built on top of strong industry standard Funnels concept!

You can place an offer on the below pages

  • Product Page
  • Cart Page
  • Home page
  • Collection page
  • Thank you Page

Use different styles of widgets

Hate popups? — Hate it and love In-Page Love popups? — Love it and use it Need a different flavour? — Try Floating widgets
  • In-page
  • Floating
  • Pop-up

Different type of offers we support

4 upsell offer types in one app — You can avoid 4 upsell apps

Stuck anywhere? Contact our team for immediate help!

Hope you've got some value from this article. Let us know your feedback 🙂 We are excited to hear your thoughts.
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