Why 3 settings? Widget, Funnel & Global?
Our settings are divided into 3 to provide a much easier and hasslefree experience to our customers. These are designed to work in a hierarchy based on the priority of the settings.
Global has the lowest and widget has the highest priority. Settings that are not likely to change between different sets of funnels should set as the global settings. Such as primary color, a secondary color, etc.

Priorities order

#1 Widget Settings — High priority
#2 Funnel Settings
#3 Global Settings

Let's take an example

If you want to enable the Skip Cart option for all of your funnels then you can set it in the Global Settings > Skip Cart.
So all the future funnel widgets will be inherited that option values from Global Settings, you don't have to set it manually on all the widgets.
Pro Tip: If you want to apply an option that is already set on existing widgets then you can use "Apply to all widgets" option How to use Reset / Apply to all widgets?
Important Anything you've set on Global Settings will be inherited to Funnel Settings and to Widget Settings if there is no values set in them.
Global settings
The funnel settings act as the default values for each widget in that funnel.
For example, themes and styling for black Friday funnel should set in that specific funnels setting So it will apply black Friday theme to all widgets in that funnel on its inner widgets
Funnel Settings
Set Widget settings if the widget needs more customisation than the other ones in the same funnel.
Widget settings
Pro Tip! Changes in widget settings only affect the current widget and not other widgets in the same funnel also changes in funnel settings will on affect selected funnel and not any other funnels you have setup.
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