What's the best position to place the in-page offer?
Pro Tip! There is no best position to place an in-page offer that applies to all stores.
But still, there are a few recommended positions by analyzing the patterns of 1000s of merchants.

Product Page

  1. Below add to cart section
    1. One of the most suitable place for most stores.
  1. Below the product description
    1. If the description is a must read, then placing upsell after description is better.
  1. Above add to cart section
    1. If You wanna forces the user to pick upsell, then place it above add to cart section

Cart Page

1. In the header of cart page
Directly under the cart page title in the header

Thankyou page

  1. Below order id
    1. Placing immediately under order id seems to be most suitable for thankyou page

Home Page

  1. Display with the product
    1. Place the upsells near section where the product placed.
Note Want to place in a custom position of your choice? read the article below.. How to master widget position placement?
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