What is a widget?
Widgets are the basic building blocks of ufe upsell funnels. Each widget consists of a single offer.
We have a wide variety of customizations available for the widget to match different merchant needs.

You can place a widget on

  • Cart Page
  • Home page
  • Collection page
  • Product Page
  • Thankyou Page
Quick Info! Widgets can only be placed on above-mentioned pages, can't be placed on Shopify Pages section.

Use different styles of widgets

  • In-page
  • Floating
  • Pop-up

Different type of upsells

How to create a widget?

For example,
We are creating an upsell funnel for iPhone, which shows a pop-up upsell on add to cart button click with 10% offer of on an iPhone case.
Pro Tip! If all the upsell products have same discount you can select multiple products and set discount. If the discounts are different for each product,click Add offer row and set discount for another product.
You have endless possibilities at your disposal. The rest is up to you.😊
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