What is a downsell?
Sometimes the customer may reject your upsell offer by clicking 'Close' or 'No thanks' button, and you can show an alternate product with a better offer. that is termed as a downsell.
Quick Info! Having more than one option for the customer to choose between will increase the chance of turning the customer to the buyer.
For example if you are selling a camera on your store,
  • The customer rejects the cross-sell offer for buying an extra lens (costs $450)
  • With downsell you can show show a tempting offer on tripod (costs $150 with 10% discount).
  • Downsell shows only if the main offer is rejected.
Pro Tip #1 It's recommended to use the Popup widget style for downsell offers, it works best. (Both the Main widget and the downsells are popups).
Popups: Popups give better results because the popups are blocking the customer checkout flow and show the popup, the customer has to interact with it to either accept the offer or rejecting the offer and continue.
In-Page: But in the case of an In-Page offer, it's non-blocking, so the customers may not interact with the offer widget.
Pro Tip #2 Customers are more unlikely to spend more than 20% (of the main product price) on add-on offers! — Use this logic in this downsell strategy — Also, keep this in mind while creating cross-sell offers! (not upsell offers)

How to create downsell offers

  • First create any cross-sell offer, on which we show the downsell offer on rejection.
  • Click Add Downsell and select an offer type (you can change the offer type to bundle or any other offer)
  • Select the offer products for downsell
  • Give a better discount (it's better to give high discounts for downsell — more likely to increase conversions)
Create downsell offer and add offer products to it

How downsells are triggered?

The downsells will be triggered when customer click on "No Thanks" button on the offer!
Triggering a downsell while rejecting main offer!
Note: By default the clicking close button will not trigger downsell, if you want to trigger downsell on the close button click, we have an option for you!
Trigger downsell on close button click
Pro Tip #3 Make sure not to annoy people with tons of downsells and keep it a favourable buying experience.
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