Sell after BUY! - Post Purchase #6
Is the thank you page is only to show our appreciation for the purchase made? Absolutely NOT.
Pro Tip! Thank you pages are opportunities to leverage the momentum and take your relationship one step farther.
By not using the possibilities of thankyou page, you are limiting your income to a single interaction.

How to take full advantage of this opportunity?

This is why we introduced the concept of funnels, where you can follow the customer along the journey of the product purchase.
Quick Info! According to different studies related to customer behaviour. A customer is more likely to buy another product immediately after purchase.
  1. Show Small Add ons on related products offer on Product and Cart page
    1. ( optional but recommended )
      This is not actually not the man upsell products. these are used to seek user's attention only
  1. After purchase show the upsell with much more discount than the previous offers.
    1. Since the offer is much better than previously seen offers , customer is more likely to take this offer.
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