Let them choose strategy #5
This is just as opposite to the concept of bundle upsells.
Incase of bundles, customer can either choose to by the bundle or not but not able to choose specific products within the bundle.
This here does exactly that. Here we allow the user to have full freedom in choosing the list of available item and the discount for the items are also independent of other products.
This is most productive, when the upsell products shown are related to the main product and are the ones other customers added to cart with the main product.
Its also known as Frequently Bought Together or simply FBT.
Pro Tip! Fbt is such a popular and widely used upsell strategy, even the e-commerce giant Amazon is using this to upselling products.

How to create FBT?

Step 1: Create New funnel
Step 2: Select the trigger product.
Step 3: Click add widget button
Step 4: In the add widget menu select widget type as Frequently Bought Together.
Step 5: Add individual upsell products and offers.
create frequently bought together
Let's check this in store.
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