How to use translations editor properly?
It's really simple to use a text editor but knowing small tips will really help to improves the outcome!
Yes, it's Butterfly Effect, in short small things can have non-linear impact on a complex system 😅
Let's talk about how to do text translations properly in UFE app!
Before we get into the topic, let me tell you there are 3 ways to set translations. Here is a good read about 3 types of settings in the app and what are their use-cases. ⚙️Why 3 settings? Widget, Funnel & Global?

Global Translations

If all your funnels need the same widget titles, then set translations in Global Settings > Translations
Global Translations in Upsell Funnel Engine App

Funnel Specific Translations

If you need the same widget title for all the widgets in a particular funnel then Funnel Settings > Translations
Pro Tip! You can create multiple widgets in the same funnel.
Funnel Specific Translation in Upsell Funnel Engine App

What if I want to give a different widget title for a specific widget even if I already set Global Settings Translations?

That's a good question. That's where widget settings comes in the scene.
  • Edit Translations of that particular widget overrides the global settings translations values.

Widget Specific Translations

And if all of your widgets need different titles, you can set it on the Translations tab directly inside Edit Funnel

How to use Translations effectively? 👑

  • Always use personalized widget titles instead of default/copy-paste titles.
  • Select the text before changing the text styles like bold, italics, underline, color and font sizes.
  • Always use a little contract colors and font sizes to highlight things in titles.
  • Recommended to use emojis to attract eyes!
Example 1: Super personalised translation text for a necklace upsell offer
Example 2: Personalised translations text for Dog Leash cross-sell offer
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