How to uninstall UFE 2.0 completely?
I understand that Upsell Funnel Engine app is not for everyone. Really sorry to see you go!
We add some liquid code to the theme for the proper working of the app.
Important No worries, our code in the theme liquid file will not execute or run if the app is uninstalled. So it will not cause any harm to your store even if you haven't removed the codes.
After uninstall we lose access to the theme, so we can't remove the code. But here are the instructions to remove it completely from the code.

Instructions to remove unused scripts

1. Removing code snippet from theme.liquid file

Step 1: Go to Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Themes
Step 2: Select Edit Code on the active theme
Step 3: Select theme.liquid from the left side
Step 4: Search for {% include 'ufe-offer' %} in theme.liquid file and remove only that code (don't remove any other code) and clickSave
IMPORTANT: Complete the above steps FIRST then only do the below steps

2. Removing ufe-offer.liquid file

Step 5: Scroll down and navigate to Snippets/ufe-offer.liquid in the left panel and Delete that file
🌟 You're done with removing the UFE codes completely from the theme.
We are sorry to see you go, but still, I am wondering why did you uninstall our sweet cute light-weight upsell app?
Please let me know by writing to We will reach out to you as soon as possible.
Hope you've got some value from this article. Let us know your feedback 🙂 We are excited to hear your thoughts.
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