How to remove 'Yes, I want'/checkout icon?
Sometimes you want a clean and minimal look for your popups / inpage / floating widget offers.
Let's take a look at how to remove the icons form the buttons

How to remove accept button icon?

Add the following CSS code inside Design > Additional CSS and save the funnel
Quick Info! This is a good read about adding CSS styles to the UFE app without modifying the theme. How to add additional CSS styles?

How to remove both accept button and remove button icons?

You can add this code inside Design > Additional CSS for removing both button icons.

How to remove checkout button right arrow icon?

Append this code inside Design > Additional CSS if there is any other styles added before.

Pro Tip! If you want to change the checkout button right arrow to something another Unicode icon then add CSS like this. You can even add emojis like this 🙂 .ufe-core .chkout:not(.uloader):before { content: 'PASTE UNICODE ICON HERE'; }
Hope you have learned how to remove icons from the buttons.
Remove button without icon
Add to cart button without icon
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