How to master widget position placement?
Yeah, You can place the in-page widget wherever you want with a few simple steps.
Prerequisite The following part of the article requires development knowledge.
First thing you have to do is select a place you think, is suitable to show the offer within the page.
Right-click the element and select Inspect. Or
Press ⌘ + Option + C ( in Mac) Or
Ctrl + Shift + C (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS)
Step 1: Find its class or id to uniquely identify its position.
Here I want to place it below photos div
Step 2: Paste it's css selector inEdit widget > widget settings > position > Inpage upsell position.
here the selector is
Step 3: Select appropriate position placement (with respect to selected block)

There are 4 position placements available.


Places widget Before the selected block.


Places widget After the selected block.


Places widget as the first element inside the selected block


Places widget as the last element inside the selected block
In this case, After placement is the perfect one. which placed right below the photos section.
Also not that append and prepend not working well for this case. But may work in yours.
Pro Tip! If there is not enough space, the widget may not fit well. Try a different position and position placement until you find the best one.
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