How to create variant matching cross-sell offer?
Yeah, there may have time where you have to match variant for cross selling.
Lets see how to do that,
In the example, We can match and show black color protective case and blue color protective case variants based on what customer choosing variant of iPhone 12.
Eg: If customer chose iPhone 12 Blue Color we can show an upsell Blue Color Protective Case and so on.
Step 1: Create a new funnel, select trigger product as iphone 12 black variant
(click show variant in selector to see the list of all variants) .
Note Give a meaningful name to the funnel to identify when the number of funnels increases.
Step 2: Add new widget
Step 4: In the upsell product select the case with black variant.
Step 5: Set your discount and Save.
creating first matching variant
Now you have created the pre-selected variant offer for black
Step 6: Duplicate the funnel created for black.
Step 7: Edit funnel and select blue variant of iphone 12 as trigger.
Step 8: Change the upsell product to blue variant of case.
Step 9: Enable funnel and click Update.
Second variant matching
Let's check this in action.
Variant matching cross-sell widget in Upsell Funnel Engine
Quick Info! Since duplication of the funnel is needed for each variant, this method is not suitable for products with a large number of variants.
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