How to add additional CSS styles?
Do you have a designer ?
Wanna better match your upsell component to your site's theme by writing custom css ?
Dont worry we got you covered 👍.
There are 3 places where you can write custom CSS. Global settings, Funnel settings and widget settings ( confused about why there are 3 settings?🤔 Read here. )
Pro Tip! To style-specific widgets in a funnel - use widget settings For styling that apply to all widgets in a funnel - use funnel settings For style changes which affect every funnel and widget - use the global setting

1. Global Styles

Recommended for brand styling needed for all funnels.
Additional css in global settings

2. Funnel Specific Styles

Recommended to use offer type / seasonal theme styles.
(Eg: Theme Black friday for all widgets in a particular funnel and another theme X'mas for all widgets of another funnel)
Funnel specific additional css

3. Widget Specific Styles

Use only to customise specific widgets
Widget specific additional css
Just add your custom css in the additional settings box and hit save.
Thats it !
Isn't that simple ?!
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