Google page speed shows unused script?
This seems a confusing metrics Google Page speed shows. Sometimes it shows 90% savings in their own Google Analytics script if you have google analytics in the store.

How the metrics is calculated is the execution a particular script in a page

Eg: If you are testing homepage ( in Google Page speed and you've placed the upsell in product page, then it shows 80% potential savings, that's true in that page (homepage), if there is no upsell funnel in the homepage then our script won't execute.
Also, if you are testing product page, then Google Page speed again shows 40% savings, again it's true, only 60% of the code is used for that product page upsell showing, remaining code might be for Thankyou page and other related functions. So we can't compare that metrics with Customer experience
Note: Our script is highly optimized and compressed to most possible smallest size with high performance code. So no need to worry about this metrics.
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