Everything about Popup vs in-page vs Floating
Yeah, you guessed it right. They are different styles you can choose for your upsell widget and as their name indicate what it is it need little to no description.
But still, we need to, because there are some settings and options that are applied to only specific widget types. Let's discuss those.

PopUp Widget

This widget will be shown to the user as a pop up when the add to cart button is pressed in the product page.
Pro Tip: By enabling Edit widget > Immediate trigger in widget settings and specify the required time delay will show the offer automatically after a specified time.

In-Page Widget

In-page (Embedd) type widget will be visible to the user from page load as any other contents of the page. The placement of the in-page widget can be anywhere on the current page according to your needs.
You can contact the customer support agent to place the widget in a custom position on the page.
But there are some recommended positions for in-page widget, You can read more about it here.
in-page widget

Floating Widget

In floating Widgets a floating button will be always visible on the screen.
By default, Offer will be shown as a pop up modal on clicking these floating button.
this can be changed to automatically shown after a specific time, by enabling immediate trigger in widget settings and specify the required time delay to show offer.
There are 4 possible positions placement available for floating widgets
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Top Left
  • Top Right
You can check which type of widget performs better by adding a split test of the widget by only changing widget type.
What's a Split test, how to use it effectively?
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