Bundle vs Frequently Bought Together differences?

Bundle Offer

We can list multiple bundles offers like Product A + Product B = 10% Off , Product A + Product C = Flat $15 Off, etc How does the offer work? 1. Customer have to buy both products to get the 10% Off Offer 2. 10% Off is also applied to the main product if Bundle with trigger option is enabled
Important Note A single bundle should have a single discount and it's like an AND condition, customer have to buy product A AND product B AND product C to get 10% Off The discount of bundle offer is only applied when all products in the bundle purchased together. Offer will not be applied if the customer deletes any product from the bundle.
Bundles in Upsell Funnel Engine Shopify App

Frequently Bought Together

We can list offers like complimentary products that are likely to purchase along with the main product and customers can select the offers they want and click checkout. How does the offer work? 1. Each product in the widget can have its own discount 2. Customer can select the offers they want from the widget 3. Discount is not applied to the main products
Important Note A frequently bought together widget is like an OR condition and offers products that can have different discounts. Eg: product A with 10% Off and product B with 15USD Off Customers don't need to buy all the offer products to get discount, instead, they can choose the products they need and checkout. Offer will not be applied if the customer removes the main product from the cart and tries to checkout only offer products. You can change this behavior in General Settings > Remove discount if trigger product was removed
Frequently bought together offer in Upsell Funnel Engine Shopify App
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