Why discount coupon box not showing on the checkout page?
Yes, I can understand you. That's a valid concern!
Scroll down to the bottom to see workaround hack! If you are in a hurry, refer this How to use coupon / Shopify automatic discounts with UFE?
Unfortunately, according to Shopify, other discount codes can't be combined with draft order.
Our app uses Shopify Draft Order API to apply discounts to the upsell/cross-sell offers.
Pro Tip! If you still need a discount code box on the checkout page, no worries, there is a workaround for you! Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the workaround.

Limitations for Shopify Draft order in Checkout Page, here is the list.

  • Discount code box will not be available.
  • 'Return to cart' link in will not be available.
  • Cart link in the top navigation will not be available.
  • Logo in checkout page will not be clickable.
Shopify draft order limitation mentioned in the Shopify official documentation
You can read more about Shopify Draft Order here.

Checkout page before applying discounts

Normal Checkout page without using draft order

Checkout page after applying discounts

Checkout page that's applied discounts via Shopify draft order

Workaround to use discount code box on the checkout page

Note: If your upsell/cross-sell offer has Free Shipping enabled, then our app uses Draft Order and the limitations of draft order still apply.
The workaround is to create widget offers with No Discount, so our app will not use Shopify draft order and use the normal checkout flow, so it will work as normal.
Change upsell offer discount to no discount
Here is a must read article about the method.
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