Position placement strategy #8
I hope that you already know about split tests and the only way to fine-tune your sales funnel is to split test it!
Prerequisite ā€” You should have knowledge about creating widgets šŸŸCreate a Simple Discounted Cross-sell Offer? ā€” You should have knowledge about split tests (A/B/N Tests) What's a Split test, how to use it effectively?
Let's discuss the strategy!
Core Logic: Testing different versions of the same widget in different positions (In-Page Widget)
We can only place inpage type widget in this strategy. Also, make sure to keep the same offer, product, widget type, etc as same in both split tests other than the position.
So we can make sure that the split test results are independent of other factors and solely dependent on position placement.
Here are some good reads about this topic.
In this strategy, we are going to split test 2 versions
  1. Split test Version #1: Showing inpage widget under Add to Cart button in product page
  1. Split test Version #2: Showing inpage widget under Description of the product page

Step 1: Create a version #1 Split test offer widget

  • Create a widget with cross-sell / upsell offer in Product Page (you can try in other pages too)
  • Setup discounts, translations, etc in the widget
  • By default the position of the widget will be under Add to cart button in product page

Step 2: Create the version #2 Split test

  • Click on Copy Widget of version #1 > Copy As New Split Test To > Current Page
  • This will make the first widget as Split test #A and creates Split test #B
Upsell Funnel Engine - Create split test from copy widget option
Now same copy of the widget has been created!

Make changes to version #2

  • On Split Test #B, Change the position of the widget to under description (You can contact customer support agent via chat for quick position placement)
  • Save & Publish the funnel
Create split test based on position placement
So our split test #A offer displays under Add to Cart button and split test #B offer displays under product Description in the product page.

Give some time for split tests to run!

  • It's recommended to give at least 7 days to run split test or at least 1000 impressions to get the results
  • If you give more time for split tests to run, will get better results.

How to analyse performance?

  • Click View Analytics on the funnel
View analytics in Upsell Funnel Engine
  • Check the numbers there, see the revenue and conversions
  • We can clearly see that split test #A performs better
Analytics of split test in Upsell Funnel Engine

What's next?

  • You can run split test another 7 days - 14 days to get better results.
  • If you still see massive rejection in a split test, it's doesn't make sense to keep it live.
  • Edit Funnel and remove the losing split test, here it's Split test #B

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