Popup vs Wait & Show Floating #5
I hope that you already know about split tests and the only way to fine-tune your sales funnel is to split test it!
Prerequisite ā€” You should have knowledge about creating widgets šŸŸCreate a Simple Discounted Cross-sell Offer? ā€” You should have knowledge about split tests (A/B/N Tests) What's a Split test, how to use it effectively?
Let's discuss the strategy!
Core Logic: Testing different versions of the widget style
In this strategy, we are going to split test 2 versions
  1. Version #1: Showing popup while clicking on Add to cart button on Product Page
  1. Version #2: Showing a Floating widget that automatically pops up after 10 seconds

Step 1: Create an offer widget

So let's move to the second step. This widget is the version #1 of split test.

Step 2: Create the version #2 Split test

  • Click on Copy Widget of version #1 > Copy As New Split Test To > Current Page
  • This will make the first widget as Split test #A and creates Split test #B
Upsell Funnel Engine - Create split test from copy widget option
Now same copy of the widget has been created!

Make changes to version #2

  • On Split Test #B, Change the widget style to popup by clicking Edit Funnel > Change widget style to Floating
  • Turn on Immediate Trigger and set Popup Delay to 10 Seconds
  • Save & Publish the funnel
    • Split test #B with floating type widget style with immediate trigger

Give some time for split tests to run!

  • It's recommended to give at least 7 days to run split test or at least 1000 impressions to get the results
  • If you give more time for split tests to run, will get better results.

How to analyse performance?

  • Click View Analytics on the funnel
View analytics in Upsell Funnel Engine
  • Check the numbers there, see the revenue and conversions
  • We can clearly see that split test #A performs better
Analytics of split test in Upsell Funnel Engine

What's next?

  • You can run split test another 7 days - 14 days to get better results.
  • If you still see massive rejection in a split test, it's doesn't make sense to keep it live.
  • Edit Funnel and remove the losing split test, here it's Split test #B

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