Little Add-ons Strategy #2
Little add-ons is a complementary products cross-selling strategy!
Pro Tip! Choosing complimentary products wisely is one of the important factors in increasing the cross-sell conversion rate. Get into the customer's shoes and think like a customer. Why the customer is buying your product? — Solution for their pain point So, ask yourself what are the other products they likely to use to solve the pain point along with your main product? Find the answer to that question and try to cross-sell those products (It's always recommended to split test What's a Split test, how to use it effectively? ) Note: Don't make the mistake of cross-selling products that are not relevant to the customer.
For example:
  1. Consider, you are selling Winter Dog Harness Vest Collar, and your customer likely to need extra Harness belts
  1. Consider, you are selling an iPhone, and studies show that almost 80% of people likely to buy a cover for protection and there is a growing market for mobile accessories.

Let's set up a cross-sell funnel with add-on products

  • Select Add Widget > Select Normal widget type > Select Cross Sell > Click Continue
  • Select the complementary products and give discount
Pro Tip! It's recommended to change the translation texts and change the matching brand colors. How to use translations editor properly? Make the design to match your brand
  • Recommended: Make translation texts personalised and change brand colors accordingly.
  • Save & Publish the Funnel
Pro Tip #2: If you want to test the funnel before publishing the funnel live here is a good read about it How to test the widget before publishing?

Test in store

You can test the funnel in store after setting up everything in the funnel.
  • Click on the 👁️ Preview Funnel to see in funnel in action in the product page.
Little Add ons Strategy: Cross sell Offer demo of Upsell Funnel Engine
Pro Tip #3: You can also try multiple complementary products in the same widget
Add multiple complementary products to the funnel

Pro Tip #4: Optimisation of funnels

If you want to find which offer performs better (gives more conversions) like inpage or popup, we'd always recommend you to split test it Popup vs In-Page #4

How it looks on the store

Click preview button of the funnel and test it store.
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