Limitations of UFE
Almost 80% of the limitations of the Upsell Funnel Engine app is directly dependent on the limitations of Shopify Draft Order.
Important Upsell Funnel Engine uses Shopify Draft Order to apply discounts to the upsell/cross-sell offers if the widget has a discount associated with the UFE app.
You can read the limitation of Shopify Draft Order here. Limitations of Shopify Draft Order


  • Some themes show product pages quickly while navigating from other pages (homepage or collection pages), this is done by pre-fetching the product details in the background, UFE doesn't support these case.
    • Some themes also uses browser history API navigation to show pages quickly, UFE doesn't support that!
  • Don't work with quick view product display popups
  • May not compatible with Product Customisation Example: If you are selling a Dog belt with Dog's name and you want to upsell dog socks with dog's name, this case if not possible, we can't show custom field in the upsell popup for entering dog's name from the customer.
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