How UFE discounts work?
Important Upsell Funnel Engine uses Shopify Draft Order to apply discounts to the upsell/cross-sell offers if the widget has a discount associated with the UFE app.
Almost 80% of the limitations of the Upsell Funnel Engine app is directly dependent on the limitations of Shopify Draft Order.
You can read the limitation of Shopify Draft Order here. Limitations of Shopify Draft Order
NOTE Every time customer initiates a checkout from the UFE app, we will generate a draft order for that checkout. The draft order will be converted to Real Order after successful payment by the customer! Don't fulfill the draft order generated by UFE until it is converted to real order. Every order from UFE is tagged with ufe_order text, so it will be easy to filter orders generated from UFE.

What is a draft order?

Let's check on Shopify itself.
Click here for more info on draft order.
Quick Info! According to Shopify, other discount codes can't be combined with a draft order

Limitations for Shopify Draft order in Checkout Page, here is the list.

  • Discount code box will not be available.
  • 'Return to cart' link in will not be available.
  • Cart link in the top navigation will not be available.
  • Logo in checkout page will not be clickable.

Do you want to use other discount codes with a workaround?

The workaround is to create widget offers with No Discount , so our app will not use Shopify draft order and use the normal checkout flow, so it will work as normal.
Here is a must read article about the method.
Limitations of UFE
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