How to use coupon / Shopify automatic discounts with UFE?
This is also a small hack, we love small hacks 😉
Our app only uses Shopify Draft Order if there is a discount given for the upsell or cross-sell offer.
The same method applies to Shopify Automatic Discounts too, if you create a widget with no discount it will work for Shopify Automatic Discounts!
So the workaround is not to use discounts (remove discounts) for the upsell or cross-sell offers created in UFE.
  • Edit Funnel and change the discount to No Discount
Change upsell offer discount to no discount
Wow! discount code box is back 😎
Discount code box enabled after changing it
Tip: If you can't find a discount code box on your new store then, try creating a discount code from Shopify admin > discounts
Response from the Shopify Staff about discount code box visibility in checkout page
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