How to reset UFE analytics?
Yes, I can read your mind.
You are setting up a brand new store for client, and setup upsell funnels and tested it properly and everything is perfect!
But, the problem is you want to deliver the store to the client with all funnels with the same setup without any chance but reset the analytics (Funnel impressions, Add to carts, Conversions, Revenues).
Unfortunately, there is no direct way to clear the analytics directly but there is a HACK 👾 Yes, we usually use hacks to crack this.

How to reset analytics?

It's fairly simple. Duplicate funnels and Delete old ones.
Step 1: Duplicate the funnels to reset the analytics
Step 2: Delete the original funnels (only after duplication)
Step 3: Turn on Published status on duplicated funnels.
Step 4: (Optional but recommended 😜 ): Rename the duplicated funnel name and delete the _Copy from the funnel name
Step 5: Save & Publish the Funnel
Tutorial on how to reset upsell funnel analytics
It's really simple 🙂 Do you like the way I hacked it? Do let me know!
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