How to remove 'Offer Identity' from cart?
Prerequisite The following part of the article requires development knowledge.

What is Offer Identity?

Our app supports multiple types of upsells and can be placed on the same page and we have a vast range of use cases -- so we use unique code to identify the offers.
Some themes prefer to show Offer Identity Code on the cart page. This sometimes can be quite annoying.

Why Edit Options button appears on the cart page?

This is also related to the Offer Identity , we add offer identity as product properties, so while detecting the properties some themes automatically add Edit Options button.
It's added by the theme, not by the app. If you want to remove that button, you can contact the theme developer to hide it.

How to remove Offer Identity from the cart page?

Removing it automatically is a bit complicated process and error-prone! No worries!

Method 1: Recommended

The easy one:
Please add as a staff account (Shopify Admin > Settings > Plans & Permissions > Add Staff) with Themes permission, Our developer can take a look now and fix it as soon as possible

Method 2: Requires developer knowledge

Note: Don't mess with the theme files if you don't have technical knowledge, as it may result the theme to break.
If you have some development knowledge you can do it yourself. We'll guide you through the process.
Step 1 : In the admin section select Online store > Themes and select Action dropbox value to Edit Code
Step 2: Select cart.liquid in templates
Pro Tip! Some times the actual cart page code is written as a subfile and is imported into cart.liquid page, in that case, you have to navigate to that section like in example.
Edit cart page
Step 3: Search for p.first in the current page ( Ctrl + F or Cmd + F)
Step 4: You will find the following code there.
Step 5: Add or p.first == 'Offer Identity' in the {% unless p.last == blank condition.
Step 5: Save.
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