How to place a widget in a custom position?
You can place the widget anywhere on the page.
Even the product pages designed with Gempages, PageFly, etc

How to place the ufe shortcode in the theme?

METHOD 1 (Recommended for page builder apps)

In the Page builder app or in the liquid theme file
  • You can place the custom HTML/Liquid block (It will be available on all page builders) inside the gempages or other page builder then give <div class="ufe-custom-upsell"></div> and save it.
  • You can also place the <div class="ufe-custom-upsell"></div> in the theme liquid files .too.
  • Then give .ufe-custom-upsell (including dot) inside position > inpage upsell position
Want to position multiple upsells in a single page?
Step1: add custom div files like
<div class="ufe-custom-upsell-1"></div>
<div class="ufe-custom-upsell-2"></div>
<div class="ufe-custom-upsell-3"></div>
in places you want to position offers.
Step2: open each widget and in position settings set any one of the appropriate selector
.ufe-custom-upsell-1 or .ufe-custom-upsell-2 or .ufe-custom-upsell-3
in inpage upsell position box.

METHOD 2 (In Shopify Homepage)

Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > Customize
Select Add section>Custom HTML>Custom HTML
  • Clear the content in the HTML text box
  • add <div class="ufe-custom-upsell"></div> and click save
Pro Tip! you can also position the content by dragging "Custom HTML" block up and down in the customize section

METHOD 3 (Least recommended way)

Find the HTML id of the element you want to place by right-clicking the element > inspect element in Chrome browser
It's not recommended to use this method if you don't have developer knowledge about how to select the right unique html id
In this method paste this selector id from the page inside position > inpage upsell position in step 2.
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