How to make widget checkout button like the theme?
upsell checkout button doesn't match with you theme styles?
Lets see how to fix it.
Prerequisite The following part of the article requires development knowledge.
Step 1 : Inspect the element in chrome and select the button element.
Step 2 : Right click on the button element and select Copy > Copy Styles
copy button styles
Step 3 : Wrap the style inside .ufe-btn.chkout as shown below.
Next, we have to add this to ufe, for that goto ufe dashboard > global settings >design > additional settings
Add style to widget settings
Note: add to global settings if you want to apply these styles though out your store. otherwise, you can add it to funnel settings or widget setting based on your requirement
Quick Info! This is a good read about adding CSS styles to the UFE app without modifying the theme. How to add additional CSS styles?
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