How to create bundles?
Bundling products that are likely to use with the main product with a pinch of discount will attract more buyers.
Example: A bundle of Dog harness collar + an Additional leash with a 10% discount if bought together.
Pro Tip! Frequently Bought Together is also called a Bundle by some people, but both are different in the way it works in Upsell Funnel Engine. You can read more here Bundle vs Frequently Bought Together differences?

How to create a bundle offer?

Step 1: Create a new funnel
Step 2: Select the trigger product.
Selecting trigger for bundle offer
Step 3: Click add widget
Step 4: In add widget menu select widget type as Bundle upsell
Step 4: Select your upsell products and apply corresponding discount.
Create bundle widget in upsell funnel engine

This is how it looks in store.

Bundle widget on store
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