How does volume discount work?

What is volume discount

Volume discounting is a method by which the price of items bought are lowered when increased quantities are purchased, which encourages your customers to buy more of your product.

How it works?

In UFE volume discount works based on a tier based system.
Let us how you with an example
Let's assume we created a volume discount with the following offers.
1st offer item- single quantity added with no discount
2nd offer item- 5 quantity for 5% off
3rd offer item- 10 quantity for 10% off
If the your selected quantity is upto 4 then no discount is applied ( As per 1st offer )
if the quantity is from 5 to 9, 5% discount will be applied ( As per 2nd offer )
For is more than 10 items, 10% discount will be applied ( As per 3rd offer ).

How to add a volume discount?

Step 1: Click add widget in your existing or new funnel.
Step 2: In the add widget menu select widget type as Volume discount
Step 3: Add as much as offer row you want and select appropriate discount.
For Example
With volume discount, you can give 5% off if customer purchase 2 quantity of iphone cases,
10% off for 3 and 15% for 5 pieces.
you can set the volume discount as shown below.
Adding a widget with volume discount offer.

This is how it looks on store

Volume discount on store
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