Discounted upsell strategy #1
This is a very basic simple strategy of upselling an expensive product or upgrades of the product.

Here is a simple example

Consider you are selling iPhones in your Shopify store and a customer is trying to purchase an iPhone 11 and so that's an opportunity to give them an upgrade deal of iPhone 12 with a 10% off.
So the customer is more likely to buy an upgradeable product if they get a deal. People always tend to buy New* things. — Yes, old wine in new bottle sells 🙂
Let's get started!
If you are not familiar with what exactly upsell and cross-sell is and how it works, I'd recommend you to read this article first. 🥇Upsell vs Cross-Sell?
You can also refer 🍟Create a Simple Discounted Cross-sell Offer? tutorial for more reference about setting up a cross-sell offer.

Create Funnel & Add Trigger

  • Give a funnel name to identify the funnels later.
Add trigger to the funnel in Upsell Funnel Engine

Select Page & Add a widget

  • We are adding to Product Page (it's set as default)
  • Click on Add Widget and change the widget behaviour type to upsell and click Continue
  • Then add upsell product(s) - the product you want to show as an upgrade.
Add an discounted upsell widget in Upsell Funnel Engine

Change text translations

Pro Tip! It's recommended to change the text translations to keep every single item personalized. Here is a good read How to use translations editor properly?
Next step is toSave and Publish the funnel.

Test in store

You can test the funnel in store after setting up everything in the funnel.
  • Click on the 👁️ Preview Funnel to see in funnel in action in the product page.

This is how it looks in the actual store.

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