Better than nothing strategy #3
Upselling / cross-selling is a industry standard proven method for increasing revenues by increasing AOV (Average Order Value).
So not using upselling strategies in your store means you are leaving money on the table. So it's always better to cross-sell something like warranties for the product or Shipping Insurance for the product or if you are selling a virtual product then you can cross-sell e-books.
Prerequisite ā€” You should have knowledge about creating widgets šŸŸCreate a Simple Discounted Cross-sell Offer?
Let's discuss the strategy!
Strategy Logic: Cross-selling warranties, Shipping Insurance, E-books, etc ā€” It's better to cross-sell a small amount of $1.99 Shipping insurance ā€” Consider you are selling supplement products so you can cross-sell an E-Book on "My Secret method to get results in full potential" for $1.99 It doesn't cost you anything, but adds huge value! It worked for our stores, so it will work for you too, try it šŸ™‚
Let's calculate some math of extra revenues,
$1.99 is really cheap when comparing the value (Shipping insurance, Warranties, E-Books for $1.99) customer is getting for $1.99, they are more likely to add it to the order.
If you are getting 1000 orders a month, $1.99 * 1000 = ~$2000 extra revenues per month
If you are getting 10,000 orders a month, $1.99 * 10,000 = ~$20,000 extra money per month šŸ˜‰
See, how beautiful it is, a simple offer can add up extra $20,000 per month! (~10,582% ROI)

Step 1: Create an offer widget

Create virtual product

Before we move ahead to create the offer, you have to make sure that whatever product you want to cross-sell (eg: 1 Year Warranty cross-sell) have to be added in the Shopify admin > Products > Add product
  • Shopify Admin Products > Add Product
  • Give Title, Image, Price for the product
  • Uncheck the "This is a physical product" option
  • (Optional) Uncheck "Online Store" if you want to hide that product from store.
Here I am adding a warranty product as virtual product (Non-Physical Product)
Add warranty as a virtual product in Shopify

Create cross-sell

I hope you've already know how to šŸŸCreate a Simple Discounted Cross-sell Offer?
  • Create a cross-sell offer with Popup style on product page or cart page.
  • Select Normal Offer , Popup and select the cross-sell product (1 Year Warranty)
  • Change discount to No Discount
Important If you have set virtual product unavailable in your store then you need to turn off General Settings > Hide out of stock products otherwise the offer popup will not be displayed!!
Change hide out of stock products setting in UFE

You're done!

Let's see how it works on the actual store!
How warranty cross-sell offer works on the store

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